Community First Bank & Trust Online Banking and the "Heartbleed bug" Vulnerability


Many of you may already have heard of a recent vulnerability referred to as the "Heartbleed bug" which can allow encryption keys, usernames, passwords and other potentially sensitive information to be stolen.


You may check out technical details regarding this vulnerability at the website


Community First has been working with our vendors to ensure that any services we provide to you continue to be safe and secure for your use. We have received confirmation that our online banking services have been checked for vulnerabilities and are all properly patched and updated and was not affected by this vulnerability.


Threats to your identity, usernames and passwords are of constant concern to us. Therefore, we take this opportunity to recommend changing your passwords periodically and to utilize complex passwords. Complex passwords should contain at least 8 characters, including a combination of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols.


With respect to this particular vulnerability, CNET has published a webpage for tracking the vulnerability status of many popular websites. You can check that out by following the link below. You should change your password AFTER the affected site is no longer vulnerable.


As always, if you have questions or concerns please contact us.