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Checking Accounts


Small Business Checking


The Small Business Checking Account is designed to meet the basic needs of sole proprietors, nonprofit, churches, clubs, etc. d/b/a (if owned by corporation this account does not apply)



** Disclosure of fees and charges available upon request and at account opening.


Business Interest Checking


The Business Interest Checking Account is available only to sole proprietorships, certain nonprofit organizations and trusts, and government agencies.  



** Disclosure of fees and charges is available upon request and at account opening.


Commercial Checking


The checking plan is for larger businesses to maximize their total banking relationship by using their deposit balances towards the monthly analysis charge. Each month, an account analysis statement will summarize the value of balances in your Commercial Checking Account and the monthly charges accumulated for banking services. Specifically, the statement shows monthly volume, the rate per individual service, total monthly service charge, and the available balance required to pay for these services. A service charge is assessed only if the charges for the services exceed the value of the balances. The balances kept in the account in an earnings credit that can offset many of your service charges and activity fees. This earnings credit is applied against your average daily balance, less reserves, to help offset the cost of the services each month.

Savings Accounts


Certificates of Deposit


Community First Bank & Trust offers a range of Certificates of Deposit to meet your business needs. With a minimum opening deposit of $1000.00, you may select a term from 7 days to 60 months.

Interest is compounded and paid annually for terms of one year or more and can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity. Penalty for early withdrawal may be imposed.


Prime Advantage Business Money Market


The Prime Advantage Business Money Market is designed for businesses who want to earn competitive interest rates on savings funds and have immediate access to their money.



** Disclosure of fees and charges is available upon request and at account opening.


Business Money Market checking offers tiered interest rates. The Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield vary depending on the balance maintained. Ask a customer service representative for tiered rate details.


Note: Regarding excessive transactions federal regulations permit no more than 6 preauthorized, automatic, Internet or telephone transfers to your other accounts or third parties (including checks, drafts, debit cards or similar orders) per month.


If you exceed the above limitations your account may be transferred to a transaction account where funds no longer earn interest.