Commercial Loans


Every day, your competition gets a little smarter. Your customers demand a little more services. Your employees ask for a little more help. But there's nothing "little" about your banking needs. This is the world in which you do business: an uncertain, highly competitive, constantly changing market full of hazards, some know, others hidden.


Whether you need start-up financing, money for expansion, new equipment, inventory or operating capital, you'll find a business loan or line of credit that is just right for you. Also, you will find people who really want to help you reach your business goals.


The members of our board of directors, officers and staff are all local people, your friends and neighbors, people you see often, people who care about you and our community. When you place your trust in Community First, we realize that you are choosing us as a financial partner. You deserve the very best we can provide.


Financing needs vary from business to business. That's why, at Community First, we offer a variety of business loans and will work closely with you to be sure you get the financing solution that is right for you. You'll find the loan process is fast, simple and convenient. All decisions are made right here at home, sometimes within minutes. If you are not sure which type of financing is right for you, call or stop by and let us help you analyze your situation and your needs. At Community First, your business success is high on our list of priorities.



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